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A lot ofpassionate young West Virginians. One mission

About RAZE

We are RAZE and our mission is clear: we’re putting everything we have into tearing down the lies of Big Tobacco in West Virginia. Tobacco and popular electronic nicotine delivery systems, like e-cigarettes, vape devices, or e-hookahs have taken over our state. And now is our time to take it back! We can be the generation of West Virginians that create a serious rebellion against big tobacco and make a real change.

Our state motto is
"Mountaineers are always free."

Now, let's free our state from the grip of Big Tobacco.
Join a Crew, start a commotion, and help us make our voices heard.


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There is strength in numbers.

Especially when those numbers include passionate West Virginians on a mission to make a difference.

Become a RAZE Crew member and join other teens just like you who care about the state, care about the future, and are determined to take on Big Tobacco in a big way.

Please 18 and older apply

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You care about TEENS.You care about West Virginia.You care about making a difference. If this is you,